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Our Location1, Kilmacud Road, Stillorgan, Co Dublin

Wooden Floors

Do you know what your wooden floor is like?

Richard has the experience (over 23 years!) to recommend to you the best floor polishes, best floor waxes and more. This page will help you understand the type of floors and what you need to know about floor sanding.

Can a wooden floor cost me money?

Simple answer is yes. If you don´t look after your floor it will get scratched and need to be repaired. If you maintain it, and look after it you can project it and make last longer. This saves you money.
If you get the wrong company to sand your floor you could end up with a damaged floor, which will cost a lot of money to repair. Therefore it is really important to hire professional floor sanders who have experience and can take care of your floor!
Is your floor a soft wood floor or a hard wood floor?
Believe it or not there are two types of floors, both soft and hard wood floors.
Richard can help you understand which floor you have. It´s important to know.
Now that you know what type of floor it is…

What is your floor made of?

Yes it´s either hard or soft, but what type of wood is your floor made of! Bet you never thought about that.
Believe it or not that are over 40 types of wooden floors being used at the moment.
You must know what type of floor you have in order to make sure you get the right products for your floor. Use the wrong product and you could ruin your floor. Again given Richard´s experience you can be sure he will use the correct products for the type of floor you have.
Ok so we had hard and soft floors but now..

Do you have a solid or semi solid floor?

Another consideration you need to be sure that your floor sanding company knows about. Depending on the type of floor will depend on the type of machine that is used. Again use the wrong machine and you can really mess up your floor.
What about…

The stain of your floor?

Depending on the type of floor you have will depend on the type of staining you use, or not, depends on what you want. However some floors need a different type of staining than others. We only use the best staining products.

What type of room do you want floor sanded?

Depending on the room will depend on the type of service that we provide. Some rooms will get a lot of traffic, so they will need a different process to be put in place. For example a kitchen will be high traffic. These are all important considerations.

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